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The Passive Incomes and Financial Freedom are Possible

Do you want a passive income?


I am m1guelico, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit.
My dream is to live off online passive income. Do you want to know how?

I strongly believe that the digital projects are the means to achieve the desired financial freedom that you want to design your life as you want to, enjoying the free time and generating passive income. I enjoy this adventure very much, and I would love to share my experience with you.

My philosophy is «with effort and attitude, you can get everything you want». It only takes 10% knowledge, and the other 90% is attitude. You have to be communicative, creative and very analytical. I am sure that this change is possible, and that you will achieve your goal.

For about 2 years now I have been interested in the world of SEO, Online Marketing and Cryptocurrency. I have learnt a lot from the process, and I have a real experience to base this in order to explain you some things.

Why do I enjoy passive incomes through webs or financial platforms?

First of all, I have to be honest with you: it is not easy and simple to make a living off passive incomes through webs. It requires a great amount of effort, a continuous learning based on testing and errors and, mainly, patience not to give up before seeing actual results.

In the world of financial platforms or cryptocurrencies things are different: you only have to invest money, and at the end of the month you will get a profitability, which will be proportional to the amount of money you have invested. But unfortunately, there is many bad publicities due to the existence of scam companies that sell lies. You have to find the right person and company to make it happen. It’s early for you to trust me 🙂

Getting to enjoy a proper passive income is the best, and it is something I truly recommend to anyone who values freedom. I am going to tell you about the benefits I get from passive incomes:

  1. You make money while sleeping: Yes, it is no joke and I don’t want this to sound as a «bluff», but it is true. By definition, passive incomes make money 24/7… all year. Your web does not ask for food, and neither your money. When you have placed your site on Google, or you have invested a significant amount of money, you will receive an income each month.
  2. You don’t have a boss: You are your own boss and you don’t have to represent clients because you on what and how to divide your time, on every step of the way. Each month you will collect the revenue generated in Amazon Affiliates and Google AdSense, and in the case of the investment on cryptocurrencies it will depend on the platform, but in Arbistar 2.0 you will collect the revenue every week, and in Kuailian every day.
  3. To begin, you have to invest a little amount: Starting a web is not expensive; you need a domain and a hosting. There are domains that are perfectly valid and functional for only 3$ per year, and professional hosting for 3$ per month. When has it been cheaper to start a business in the entire history of humanity?
  4. Flexibility to work: You will only require a pc and a WIFI network in order to work whenever and wherever you want. In my case, I work from my home in Spain, but in Summer I use to travel, and I can control everything from my phone or my pc, and that is something not many jobs allow you to have.
  5. To infinity and beyond: You are the only person who sets its own limits. When a web is providing you with money, you can improve it and scale it so that it generates more incomes.

What do you need to start making money?

Make profits from your Niches

To start with niches, you will need around 10$ and, mainly, an appetite for learning. I think being SEO is like driving: knowing the theory is important, but it is not until you have one hand on the steering wheel and start driving that you know what really means to do it.

Being SEO is the same. Is okay to read to learn, to ask around for information, but you have to put yourself into action. Buy a domain, hire a hosting and get down to work, and that way you will really learn how to position websites

Making money of Cryptocurrencies Arbitration

However, with the Cryptocurrencies arbitration is different. This is about benefiting from the price difference between two or more markets (exchanges). Even if it doesn´t look like that, cryptocurrencies are not worth the same in all these markets, and you can benefit from that price difference.

Through arbitrage, it is possible to achieve and instant, free of risk benefit. In short, this means that if 0.1 Bitcoin is worth 600$ in one exchange and 650$ in other, you can sell it by making the difference

This may seem like too much information «out of the blue», but before starting I will recommend you some suppliers and tools, which I will explain hereunder

In case you are asking… yes, I will get a commission if you buy any of these (I like being clear and honest). But I can assure you that I only recommend the things that I use daily and that have really worked for me, and I think I would have liked someone to recommend them to me when I started:

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